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Frequently Asked Questions

A complete renovation usually starts with the renovation of the bath, shower and toilet, and expands to replace the rooms, floors and fixtures, bringing a common element of harmony to your space. For some homeowners, a complete bathroom renovation is a way to upgrade an outdated design. For others, the project adds security and comfort. No matter how you refresh your bathroom, Re-Bath can handle every detail.

Bathroom renovation will add value, safety and comfort for years to come and add value to your home. Investing in a home remodeling project requires careful planning and attention. USA Baths And Showers remodeling process in the US covers all aspects of your bathroom remodeling, from design to design.

Absolutely. we think good design is what everyone likes. Our design skills are traditional and transitional, rural and contemporary aesthetics. Our bath solutions are designed by certified interior designers across the country. Your design consultants will help you define your style and build the toilet you like.

The size of the bathroom, the materials you choose, the complexity of the work, and the plumbing, electrical, or other problems we find “hidden behind walls” can all affect the duration of the project. However, thanks to our own products and the installation process, many projects end in days, not weeks.

Yes; however, we believe that our patented wall systems are far more advanced (and faster to install!) than traditional tile and grout software. Our products allow your new bathroom to normalize not just a week, but several days.

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Remodeling your bathroom shouldn’t be stressful. USA Baths And Showers makes it easy to get effortless, hassle-free remodeling that’s as safe as it is beautiful. Just call our professionals.